fredag den 19. marts 2010

Monster in the open

I feel the life force run through my veins now, and I now know for a fact that I can accoplished everything that I put my mind to.
And I feel like dancing, don't know if I'll get around to that tonight, so I've been dancing a bit at home. And I had a good day today at the job. For you who don't know; I'm a substitute teacher at a local public school here in Copenhagen. A job which I'm enjoying, I just don't know how much the kids are learning when I'm teaching them, but I'm just having fun with them, really enjoying making them laugh.
I'm having my birthday this sunday, I'm really looking forward to it, it's the first time, in a couple of years, that I'm celebrating my own birthday, which my mom always have said is important to do. And she's right, cause when I didn't I wasn't that excited and now I almost feel like I'm five again. Next year I'm turning 25, damn are we gonna have a big PARTY!

I'm still rehearsing for this audition the 27. and even though I really wanna get in to this school I'm a bit lazy... Why is it that I'm not getting up and rehearsing more (you can never rehearse to much, I say) and write the background for the character and so on and so on... Am I afraid of what will happen if I actually get into this school? Or what is it... The fact that I'm writing about it now puts it out in the open, and monsters die in the open...!
If I wanna be a good actor I have to put in a great deal of work (well dahhhh...) so get to it, buddy!

I just finished the last episode of 'Glee', well, the last of the ones that have been aired and even though I'm not that fond of telling you guys this; I think it's a great series. And I, who usually hate everything that has the slightest odor of musicals where people break out singing for no reason, find it entertaining. The numbers they do are clearly playback, clearly. And the teacher in this 'Glee Club' can be a bit annoying, but I can't help but relate to these youngsters...

This is me, being as honest as I possibly can, singing off...

All the best,
Lucas Alexander

onsdag den 17. marts 2010

The Story About Everything

Just came home from the best play I have ever seenPERIOD

It was about everything, and how can that work, and with only one guy on stage. I don't know, but it really did. An incredible actor, he made me feel everything, in a very short amount of time. And everything happen, he walked through a wall, ran on the wall, got stuck on the wall, got his head inside a television, got run down by a car... Everything happen, he even forgot his lines, not a part of the play, but it worked out, cause it was so perfect everything else. And him forgetting his lines only made it more personal, cause suddenly we saw him as a person, stripped completely, butt naked, (not litterally, it wasn't rated R). And for most parts my opinion about danish theater is not a very positive one, maybe it's just the plays I've seen, but this one blew me away. I mean I've seen goos theater in Denmark, but man... I somehow hope they tape this one, or just keep the stage and the lines fresh in mind so I can go see it whenever I want to, also in twenty years time.

The play really inspired me for a film me and my friend has been talking about for quite some time now... It's pretty much character driven, and I've got a pretty good feel one my character, I just don't know if the director (my friend) sees it the same way, but it will be very interesting indeed. And can't wait to act in front of a camera again and use the techniques I learned at NYFA.
It's like I have the opening shot for the film in my head, eventhough I'm not the director (I'm gonna do a Eastwood at some point in my career) I wanna storyboard it out, cause I want the pictures to be really crisp. I have so many ideas for my character an for the film all in all. As you might've noticed I won't reveal to much of the plot or my character, you'll just have to wait and see...

I'll begin to draw the opening shot now, so I have to go... It's nice to come home and unload like this...!

All the best,
Lucas Alexander

tirsdag den 16. marts 2010

Just felt like writing

I was gonna make a post today, and now that I started, I have no idea about what...
Ever since I did my first post I've wanted to write more, but just couldn't figure out what it should be about. And now I realize that just because this get's posted on the internet for everyone to read, I don't have to say anything profound everytime I do (or is it make) a new post. So here goes.

I don't really have anything to say, but I just feel like saying something where people are listening, and I feel you guys listen.

I went to see 'A Single Man' today. It inspired me. When it was done, I didn't feel as if more than half an hour had past. Which was weird, because at a certain point in the film I thought it was a bit long. All in all though, I liked it. Colin Firth did a great job, and beautifully filmed and edited. That was pretty much all I have to say about that film right now...

I'm preparing to audition at a fairly new acting school here in Denmark. It's really interresting, cause I really want to attend to this school. It reminds me a lot of the New York Fim Academy (where I attended classes for two month. Returning home in late november 2009). The character I chose to take to the audition is 'Daniel' from the danish film 'Voksne Mennesker' translated 'Dark Horse' (not directly translated I know, but that's the english titel!) and it's this I like to do, to prepare a character, to try to put myself in their mind, and what kind of oddities they have that make them unique. And that's really interresting to me, cause I have to accept myself 100% for who I am before I can 'put on' another person. I'm not quite there yet, but I'm on my way, getting to know me and Daniel.

The audition's on march 27th, wish me luck.

That's all for now, time for bed...

Besh wishes,
Lucas Alexander, actor

torsdag den 4. marts 2010

And here ... we ... go...!

Well, now I finally pulled myself together and made this blog. I know I haven't been talking that much about it, although I've thought about it for some time now, you know, it's one of those things that sometimes floats by your minds eye and you say; "oh jeah, why haven't I done that yet...?" and basically I haven't had the time nor the effort to go through with it.

This blog will mainly be about me, my honest self and and my art, that being; painting, photography, writing, and my export acting.

Of course I hope you'll find what I write interesting, but I'll try to keep it personal, meaning; that I'm doing it as a way of getting things off of my chest, maybe even write my way out of blues, as Mr. Mayer puts it. Cause I've found out that I need to write regularly and by making it public, maybe that will force me to do it more regularly, cause I tend to forget that I need to write.
Does that make a whole lot of sense? For me it does.

So let this be an invitation into my head, cause I live in my own little world here, but hey, don't worry, it's okay... They know me here...

Lucas Alexander